Sunday, March 20, 2011

How has my viewpoint changed regarding the integration of technology in the classroom?

I just can't imagine, at this point, not diving right into to integrating technology into my classroom. I feel more confidant, now, about moving forward with this goal. I felt insecure walking into this technology class. However, now I see that there are ways to stay up to date on the latest advances in technology--and there are ways to learn how to use them! I didn't think there was any way I could ever do anything creatively on the computer. I love my webquest. It got me excited about being in the classroom again. Photo Story and Scratch have been big hits in my house already--my kids love them. I love when my first grader comes home telling me about a smart board---and I know what he's talking about. I love having the math games that help my third grader "get it". I appreciate the easy-going, laid back format of this course. The hands on time has been invaluable. I've been sending along information to my kids' teachers non-stop--just hoping they are in the mindset of wanting to give them a try. I'm particularly interested in researching how technology can help special needs children. I've found some excellent resources so far, and again, feel confidant about my abilities now. I feel, going forward, I'll be more willing to experiment, research and apply what I've learned. I'm certainly appreciative for my new found confidence! My future students thank you.

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