Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little ole' me!

I grew up all over the deep south. I grew up with terms like "fix'n" and "big ole'" and my favorite, "bless your heart". I met and married a "vill'n" (man from Somerville). Windham was about as far from the city as he'd venture. We have three amazing children, Cailyn Grace- 8, 3rd grade. Evan Scott-7, 1st grade. Aly Kate-will be 4 next week. We are a fairly typical family. I teach first grade Sunday School and volunteer whenever possible. My husband is VP of technology at a firm in San Francisco--so he keeps strange hours. When he talks about work, it's is truly a different language for me! I will never understand what he does, exactly, but he puts out some pretty cool stuff! In the past I have taught as an extended-sub in first, third, fifth and was a full time sixth grade Language Arts teacher. I have been a teacher aide in an emotionally conflicted classroom in both an elementary as well as a middle school setting. I was also a learning support aide for the 8th grade. My last year of teaching was I'm way out of the tech-loop! I just celebrated my 41st birthday in December...and am ready to get back into the classroom again! I started the process of getting a dual Master's in reg/sped last semester--this turns out to be an amazing move, as my son was just diagnosed with Asperger's last Friday. I am more motivated than ever to get through this process and be someone who can help and support others who are going through what our family is at this point.
This is me in a tiny nutshell...hope it's enough for now :)

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